10/20/2011 – no-gi

October 27, 2011

Trained:  sweep/attack from guard predicated on wrapping your opponents arm across their neck

1.  From the closed guard, swim and break the arms to get their arms down on the mat.  Grab one arm with opposite hand (e.g., grab their left wrist with your right hand), pull it across their chest to opposite side, reach around the back of their neck and secure the arm so that its wrapped under their throat.


a.  arm triangle.  Lift head up so ear is on their bicep, gable grip around, squeeze.  This is difficult.
b.  sweep – reach down with free arm, hook under knee, use the arm and the leg to roll.

Notes:  hell of a lot easier to break down their arms if you use your legs to move them.  Pinch the knees, pull their torso forward while you’re swimming.  Much, much more effective.


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