10/27/2011 – No-gi

October 27, 2011

10/27/2011 – No-gi

Trained:  breaking the guard and stacking.

1.  Breaking the guard.

Start with hands on chest, work them down, elbows inside partners knees/thighs.  Once you have control of the hips, shift one knee out, the other under the seatbone, then lean back to break.  Works much better when they’re sweaty and can’t lock their legs properly.

2.  Stack pass.

after you break the guard, swim both arms inside guard, gable grip as low as possible.  Simultaneously lift his hips and scoot your legs under his ass.  Lean forward hard – stack his knees on his chin, bring one leg up to block hips, reach across for same shoulder that you lifted the leg on.

Rotate torso away from raised leg – fall into side control.  Bottom leg to hip, active toes.

    Lessons learned sparring

1.  Starting to realize just how important it is to be active, both with legs and arms.  In the guard, open or closed, squeeze those knees together and restrict movement or throw balance.  Grab the back of the head, a bicep, get an underhook – don’t let the opponent sit there and do what they want.

2.  I need to work on my shrimping.  Particularly where to put my hands.  Go back and read the jujitsu university entries and practice.

3.  I’m freezing up and watching as I get passed or swept, instead of trying to stop it or start to shrimp out of it.  Need to be moving.


1.  First sweep from guard.  Took control of head from guard, reached under his left leg with my right arm, opened up guard, rolled right over into mount.  Feels even better when you’re the guy doing it than when you’re being swept.

2.  Kept from being passed in last session.  Definitely something I need to work on.


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