Class 5 – 10/6/11 – no-gi

October 27, 2011

Significantly more intense than previous classes.  Awesome.

Trained:  escape from seated back mount

Two alternatives  –
1.  defend neck, slide down as far as possible, baseball grip one arm, yank arm over head, roll into opponent

2.  defend neck, roll onto one side or the other.  Reach down with one hand, simultaneously extend leg (snap!) and push hook down.  Shift hips on top of opponents leg.  Wiggle to the outside until you can explode back into guard.

Also – arm bars

from guard – as before – just get more fluid

From mount

shift forward.  Reach across, grab target arm by bicep.  Shift knee well under target arm shoulder, crank into opponents head.  Flip other leg under so ankle is under non target shoulder, ass on belly.  Control arm, swing around to back, legs over, squeeze together and lift.


Did the drills with Coach EJ in this class.  He was very patient, gave me some great advice while we were drilling.


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