First class – standing guard pass

October 27, 2011

I think this was September 7, 2011.  Somewhere around there, anyway.

Coach Aaron taught a standing guard pass.

Oponent is on his back, legs up – you’re standing back, not engaged.  I’ll describe this going to the left.

Step in, push opponent on the forehead just to distract him and throw him off balance.

Right foot steps in, plants underneath opponents left buttock.

Grab lapels at center of chest with right hand, a handful of gi at the knee or shin on the left leg with the left hand.

Throw/push left leg down.  Step well around with left leg.  Drag right leg, knee bent, knee forward, accross inner thigh of left leg.  Idea is to trap the left leg, lean back into your opponents crotch, pulling towards chest with lapels.

Work that right leg through, staying close to body entire time.  End up with armpit over chest, right leg thrust past oponents ear, preferably under his right arm.

Flip over into side control.



(note- tried this in my no-gi class today.  Got the right knee down, but didn’t stay close enough to his body.  He shrimped to his left and swept me.)


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