1.12.11 – Orthopod

January 13, 2012

Dr. Mazer’s takeaway –

no damage to bones, which is a good thing

need an MRI to see what else is going on

Range of motion is actually improving a bit.


1.11.12 – BJJ

January 13, 2012

More throws

Continued to work the hip toss.  Key point of performance – deep step in with lead foot, so that your trail foot doesn’t have to go so far out.  Keep that stance shoulder witdth max, to get a good pop with the hips.

Also worked, very briefly, a judo foot sweep.  For left side:

Cats paw on cuff with left hand

collar or elbow with right hand

Upright stance, weight on back foot.  Idea is to control partner’s weight

Pull them forward.  As their left foot is coming forward off mat, sweep with left leg, simultaneously pulling down and away on sleeve with left hand and pushing shoudler or elbow with right hand.  Maintain control of sleeve with left hand as they go down.

Variations – right side; sweep to opponents opposite foot, counter sweep (dodge their sweep and then force their motion to continue).

Have no feel for that at all as of yet.  Real advantage over a wrestling takedown, though, in that (a) you won’t expose your neck or back and (b) you already have control of one arm and can work from standing or kneeling position.


Damaged my knee sparring with Adrian.  He went for a hip toss or outside trip to my left side.  My foot stayed planted, the rest of me went over.  Knee popped in two or three places.  Full range of motion initially, but it stiffened up relatively quickly.

1.10.12 – Muay Thai

January 11, 2012

Knees and elbows.

Up knees –

crash in, get clinch.

Lift up on ball of lead foot, pull down with arms, straight up with knee.  Chest tilts back, twists slightly towards knee side, as knee comes up.

Point of performance – get up on the ball of the lead foot.  Point toes of striking leg down.


Elbows (Sawk!)


10 – Jab, Cross, Left Elbow

11 – Jab, Cross, Hook, Right Elbow

12 – Jab Cross, Left Elbow, Right Elbow

13 – Jab, Cross, Hook, Right Elbow, Left Elbow, Right Elbow

Points of performance

Footwork – as with standard strikes, stepping in to close the distance.  Really need to torque the lead foot over to get proper rotation on hips and shoulders.

Striking arm – try to fold hand under armpit to make elbow a sharp point.  For now, flat strike, then pull back through same arc as hard as possible.

Non-striking arm – fist to cheek, elbow tucked into ribs.  Primary counter is a knee from that side, so defend against it.  Can bring hand to forehead to defend counter elbows, but that’s not the point of performance for now.



Drill at end of class was a pyramid of elbow strikes and jump lunges.  Which, after a morning of box jumps and back squats, was interesting. 

Footwork is the major issue right now.  Need to really step out, point toes, stay on balls of feet.  Think about opening the hips with each step.

1.10.11 – Crossfit

January 10, 2012

First big boy class.

Back Squat

Maxed at 175.  Crapped out at 185.
3 Rounds
AMRAP 3 minutes:
5 Box Jumps
7 Dumbbell Push Press
9 Burpees
Rest 1 minute between rounds

Completed 2, 1.5, 1.5. Started with 35lb dumbells, dropped to 25 after first set.  Push Press was definitely the hard part.

Learned the anaconda choke.  Partner’s on all fours (not yet turtle), you’re above – as though you’ve sprawled.

More or less simultaneously:

–  Snake one hand under opponents neck through opposite armpit.

–  Use other hand/elbow to collapse their arm towards center – take base away.

–  lock hand in/beyond armpit into pit of opposite elbow, crawl the other hand up as high as possible on their back.

–  Roll towards hand/elbow lock, 270 degrees.

–  tighten biceps, walk around to try and trap one of their legs with yours.

Can use to transition into mount, or reverse and spin into back control.


–  Bit of a breakthrough on recovering cuard from mount.  Key is to get an underhook with the high side arm after shrimping.  Makes everything go a lot easier.

–  Decent roll.   Got tired, though – which was a little surprising.  Felt reasonably well rested, ate well.

Muay Thai 1/5/2012

January 6, 2012

Worked knees from the clinch.  Was the only true noob in the class.  Trained with Rene, who was patient.

Basic clinch – keep elbows inside, on collar bones.  Back straight.

Half clinch – One arm in clinch, the other controls the bicep or the wrist.  Throw knees.  Again – back straight, head tight to their head, their forehead on your shoulder.

If they lift their arm, duck under, stand on tip toes.  Non clinching hand goes accross shoulders to far shoulder, clinching hand drops on top.  Head is on their shoulder, their arm should be pushed up in air by your shoulder.  Knees.  Back straight.

If they duck down, push their head down.  Arm across their front comes out, down on top of the head.  Knees to face.  If they pull out, soccer kick to head.

Notes –

I need to shadowbox more.  I think that’s the only way I’m going to feel less awkward.

BJJ 1/4/11 – Throws

January 6, 2012

1/4/11 BJJ

Another mixed class.   Worked on throws to kesa gatame.

It’s like a dance move.  Grab their right wrist with your left.  Lift.  Step in with left foot, then simultaneously:

–  pivot counterclockwise, right hand goes across shoulders to grip their right shoulder (not underhook – that flat doesn’t work)

–  Pull their right arm across chest at armpit level

–  Put hips/ass into their hips.  Ideally, my left hip is perpendicular to their right hip, slightly under.

Pull arm, pop hips, and throw.  Land in kesa gatame.  Try to keep weight from going over and letting them roll you.

From kesa gatame, three options:

1.  arm over right leg, under left thigh.  Attacks elbow

2.  Americana type attack by folding their wrist under your right calf.

3.  figure four the arm with your legs, work for key lock on opposite side.



The roll:  felt good – shoulder was not a problem, only mild discomfort.  Got armbared by Adrian, but held my own or better with other guys.

Primary area of concern – need to work on escapes from side control – have a tendency to get flattened out, then stuck.

Awarded first stripe today.  Which was nice.



I’m a bad blogger

January 6, 2012

Or, more accurately, have done a poor job on my training log.  What’s happened since October:

–  Earned my first stripe.

–  Went through crossfit orientation at Crossfit Silver Spring.  Primary takeaway – I’m kind of weak.  Will fix that starting Tuesday.

–  Tore intracostal cartilage – twice.  Also separated a shoulder.  Two doctor visits, lots of ibuprofen, everything’s pretty much fine at this point.

–  Haven’t been on the bike.  In part due to the schedule issues posed by the crossfit orientation, in part due to lingering bad taste from my last interaction with a wannabe pro that decided I was riding too close.  Four bike lengths apparently isn’t enough.  I need to get over it and ride.