Muay Thai 1/5/2012

January 6, 2012

Worked knees from the clinch.  Was the only true noob in the class.  Trained with Rene, who was patient.

Basic clinch – keep elbows inside, on collar bones.  Back straight.

Half clinch – One arm in clinch, the other controls the bicep or the wrist.  Throw knees.  Again – back straight, head tight to their head, their forehead on your shoulder.

If they lift their arm, duck under, stand on tip toes.  Non clinching hand goes accross shoulders to far shoulder, clinching hand drops on top.  Head is on their shoulder, their arm should be pushed up in air by your shoulder.  Knees.  Back straight.

If they duck down, push their head down.  Arm across their front comes out, down on top of the head.  Knees to face.  If they pull out, soccer kick to head.

Notes –

I need to shadowbox more.  I think that’s the only way I’m going to feel less awkward.


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