BJJ 1/4/11 – Throws

January 6, 2012

1/4/11 BJJ

Another mixed class.   Worked on throws to kesa gatame.

It’s like a dance move.  Grab their right wrist with your left.  Lift.  Step in with left foot, then simultaneously:

–  pivot counterclockwise, right hand goes across shoulders to grip their right shoulder (not underhook – that flat doesn’t work)

–  Pull their right arm across chest at armpit level

–  Put hips/ass into their hips.  Ideally, my left hip is perpendicular to their right hip, slightly under.

Pull arm, pop hips, and throw.  Land in kesa gatame.  Try to keep weight from going over and letting them roll you.

From kesa gatame, three options:

1.  arm over right leg, under left thigh.  Attacks elbow

2.  Americana type attack by folding their wrist under your right calf.

3.  figure four the arm with your legs, work for key lock on opposite side.



The roll:  felt good – shoulder was not a problem, only mild discomfort.  Got armbared by Adrian, but held my own or better with other guys.

Primary area of concern – need to work on escapes from side control – have a tendency to get flattened out, then stuck.

Awarded first stripe today.  Which was nice.




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