1.9.11 – BJJ – Anaconda choke

January 9, 2012

Learned the anaconda choke.  Partner’s on all fours (not yet turtle), you’re above – as though you’ve sprawled.

More or less simultaneously:

–  Snake one hand under opponents neck through opposite armpit.

–  Use other hand/elbow to collapse their arm towards center – take base away.

–  lock hand in/beyond armpit into pit of opposite elbow, crawl the other hand up as high as possible on their back.

–  Roll towards hand/elbow lock, 270 degrees.

–  tighten biceps, walk around to try and trap one of their legs with yours.

Can use to transition into mount, or reverse and spin into back control.


–  Bit of a breakthrough on recovering cuard from mount.  Key is to get an underhook with the high side arm after shrimping.  Makes everything go a lot easier.

–  Decent roll.   Got tired, though – which was a little surprising.  Felt reasonably well rested, ate well.


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