1.10.12 – Muay Thai

January 11, 2012

Knees and elbows.

Up knees –

crash in, get clinch.

Lift up on ball of lead foot, pull down with arms, straight up with knee.  Chest tilts back, twists slightly towards knee side, as knee comes up.

Point of performance – get up on the ball of the lead foot.  Point toes of striking leg down.


Elbows (Sawk!)


10 – Jab, Cross, Left Elbow

11 – Jab, Cross, Hook, Right Elbow

12 – Jab Cross, Left Elbow, Right Elbow

13 – Jab, Cross, Hook, Right Elbow, Left Elbow, Right Elbow

Points of performance

Footwork – as with standard strikes, stepping in to close the distance.  Really need to torque the lead foot over to get proper rotation on hips and shoulders.

Striking arm – try to fold hand under armpit to make elbow a sharp point.  For now, flat strike, then pull back through same arc as hard as possible.

Non-striking arm – fist to cheek, elbow tucked into ribs.  Primary counter is a knee from that side, so defend against it.  Can bring hand to forehead to defend counter elbows, but that’s not the point of performance for now.



Drill at end of class was a pyramid of elbow strikes and jump lunges.  Which, after a morning of box jumps and back squats, was interesting. 

Footwork is the major issue right now.  Need to really step out, point toes, stay on balls of feet.  Think about opening the hips with each step.


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