1.11.12 – BJJ

January 13, 2012

More throws

Continued to work the hip toss.  Key point of performance – deep step in with lead foot, so that your trail foot doesn’t have to go so far out.  Keep that stance shoulder witdth max, to get a good pop with the hips.

Also worked, very briefly, a judo foot sweep.  For left side:

Cats paw on cuff with left hand

collar or elbow with right hand

Upright stance, weight on back foot.  Idea is to control partner’s weight

Pull them forward.  As their left foot is coming forward off mat, sweep with left leg, simultaneously pulling down and away on sleeve with left hand and pushing shoudler or elbow with right hand.  Maintain control of sleeve with left hand as they go down.

Variations – right side; sweep to opponents opposite foot, counter sweep (dodge their sweep and then force their motion to continue).

Have no feel for that at all as of yet.  Real advantage over a wrestling takedown, though, in that (a) you won’t expose your neck or back and (b) you already have control of one arm and can work from standing or kneeling position.


Damaged my knee sparring with Adrian.  He went for a hip toss or outside trip to my left side.  My foot stayed planted, the rest of me went over.  Knee popped in two or three places.  Full range of motion initially, but it stiffened up relatively quickly.


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