6.28.12 – Crossfit

June 28, 2012

Ego boost day – turns out we have 65 lb bars, not 45 lb bars.  Nice way to add 20 pounds to all of your exercises without an ounce of effort.  So all crossfit barbell exercises listed to date are 20 pounds light.


3×4 cleans – 85lbs x 1, 115 lbs x3

3×10 32kg kettlebell swings
Back Squats, 4×10 reps:  105\125\145\155

Start at 145 next time.  Did ss style back squats – bar on top of shoulders hurts the shoulders.


6.26.12 – Crossfit

June 26, 2012

4×5 pullups – 5, 2(3), 1(4), (5) blue band

Push press – 95, 3×105
4 sets:
Run 800 meters
Rest 4 minutes

Cut rest between rounds to 2 minutes to get home on time.

6.23.12 – Crossfit

June 26, 2012

First Saturday crossfit.  Much larger crowd.


4×5 hang cleans – 95 pounds.  (Form is still terrible.  Need to read SS on cleans)

4×12 kettlebell swings – 24kg (should have gone up)
4 Rounds:
20 Kettlebell Swings (24kg)
20 Push Ups
Run 400 meters
Rest 1 minute b/t rounds

Time:  18:31

6.21.2012 – Crossfit

June 21, 2012

4×5 Front Squat – 65, 95, 105×3

4×5 Deadlift – 95, 145×3

All felt good.  Knee still feels a little odd – no pain, just feels like it’s relearning how to move.
Kettlebell Rack Lunges (total, not per leg)
Kettlebell Snatches (total, not per arm)

Used 16kg kettlebell.  Slowest in the class by far.

6.19.2012 – Crossfit

June 19, 2012

Pullups – 5, 3, 2, 1(3), 1

Push Press – 5 reps each at 65, 95, 3×105

2 Sets:
1 Handstand Wall Walk
1 Double KB Rack Carry
1 Unloaded Sled Push

Was supposed to be 5 reps, ran out of time.  Used 20kg kettlebells for rack carry.

Time to start learning how to do a handstand.

6.14.2012 – Crossfit

June 14, 2012

5×12 kettlebell swing – 32kg

5×5 hang clean – 3x at 85lb, 2x at 65lb

1x 65lb, 2x 85lb, 2x 90lb


Kettlebell swings – trick is to keep back straight, snap hips by standing up straight, not by leaning back.  Makes all the difference in the world. 

Hang clean –

Was a learn the technique day.  Tips

1.  Back straight, shoulders back

2.  bar about 2 inches above knees

3.  keep bar close to chest – bar should go straight up

4.  Receive with elbows as high as possible – that’s what creates the shoulder platform for the bar to rest on.

5.  Hands open and relaxed


1.  Bring head back as bar goes up, then thrust forward through arms. 

Left arm was noticeably weaker by end of lift.  May be a function of the shoulder not feeling right.

First day back at Crossfit.  Rachel still running the show.  We agreed that taking a conservative approach on the first day back was an excellent idea.


4×2 deadlift – 95 pounds

4×5 kettlebell squats – blue kettlebells


Partner WOD:

AMRAP 24 minutes:

5 Power Cleans
10 Burpee Box Jumps
20 Double Unders
1 Sled Push


1.  Partnered with Mike.  Nice guy.  We each finished two circuits.

2.  Both out of shape and completely lacking in technique.  Neither is a surprise, and both will come with time.

3.  Hardest exercise was the power cleans, which we converted to hang cleans.  I’m not yet grasping the sequence of jump, shrug, and pop hips, and so had real difficulty executing at 95 pounds.  Need practice.

4.  Left my workout sheet lying on the floor in the gym, which is forgetful and a bit rude.  Need to get a new copy on Thursday.

Would have been good to maintain this during recovery, but there you go.

MRI showed that the left ACL was completely ruptured, the MCL torn but not ruptured.  No meniscus damage.

Dr. Mazer referred me to Dr. Sanders, the knee specialist at Greater Washington Orthopedic Group.  Sanders does hamstring tendon replacement.

Consulted with Dr. Pereles at Montgomery Orthopedics.  Confirmed diagnosis, offered to do a cadaver replacement.

I ultimately decided to go with Dr. Sanders.  Surgery was on January 26th.  Was walking in a knee immobilizer within a couple of days, missed a day of work total.

Did my physical therapy, three days a week, from February 1 to June 11 at Physical Therapy and Sports Assessment Center (PTSAC).  Purely by luck was assigned to Mr. Ed Lee, who owns the practice and played two seasons for the Detroit Lions until he blew his ACL out.  Care was fantastic – I have full range of motion, flexibility is fine, atrophy from the knee immobilizer is largely gone.  I owe thanks to Mr. Lee, Mike, Dennis, and the rest of the crew at PTSAC – good people all.

Was cleared by Sanders to do anything I want to do except cut or torque the knee.  So have been running, biking to work, mixing in some jumprope, and restarted Crossfit yesterday (separate post).

Will be able to get back on the mats after my followup with Sanders in six weeks.

Sharon has been a huge support through all of this.  I continue to be tremendously grateful for her willingness to support the time it takes to do this stuff, which I love.


1.  If I had it to do all over again, I’d go with the cadaver replacement.  Hamstring is still not 100% – has a little dead spot when I do knee lifts.  All of the (admittedly not large) setbacks I had during recovery were associated with the hamstring.  My knee is in great shape, and Sanders did a great job, but the procedure itself requires damage to the hamstring that you can avoid through a cadaver replacement.  Hopefully I will not have the opportunity to compare and contrast.

2.  My shoulder, which I separated in January, still hurts.  There’s a lump in the shoulder that is slightly tender to the touch, and the muscles that surround it talk to me after I exercise.  No impact on strength, though.  I will finally call and set a followup appointment for that today.