6.14.2012 – Crossfit

June 14, 2012

5×12 kettlebell swing – 32kg

5×5 hang clean – 3x at 85lb, 2x at 65lb

1x 65lb, 2x 85lb, 2x 90lb


Kettlebell swings – trick is to keep back straight, snap hips by standing up straight, not by leaning back.  Makes all the difference in the world. 

Hang clean –

Was a learn the technique day.  Tips

1.  Back straight, shoulders back

2.  bar about 2 inches above knees

3.  keep bar close to chest – bar should go straight up

4.  Receive with elbows as high as possible – that’s what creates the shoulder platform for the bar to rest on.

5.  Hands open and relaxed


1.  Bring head back as bar goes up, then thrust forward through arms. 

Left arm was noticeably weaker by end of lift.  May be a function of the shoulder not feeling right.


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