6.23.12 – BJJ

July 24, 2012

First practice back after knee surgery.  So good to be back on the mats.

Begining of no-gi season.  Who knew?

Techniques:  Arm drag, butterfly sweep, butterfly sweep to x-guard

For all three – on ass, feet butterflied in front, elbows to knees to defend space.  Head forward, facing up – keep weight forward.

Arm drag – Reaching across with opposite arm.  Grab bicep/above elbow.  Key is to rotate shoulders/entire torso into the drag.  Post with outside arm, shoot inside leg in for a hook.  Establish seatbelt, took for backmount from there.

Key point of performance – really rotate the torso, scoot the ass in to get that hook established.

Butterfly sweep.  Establish underhook with one arm, top of head under opponent’s chin – straighten him up.  Control arm on non underhook side.  Roll to that shoulder, push laterally with that leg, lift hooked leg (underhook side) straight up.

Key point of performance:  the entry.  Elbows tight, underhook established, head in right spot before you start messing around.

Butterfly sweep to X-guard – if they tripod/post when you try the butterfly sweep, maintain the hook with the top leg.  Shoot the other leg through the legs, simultaneously hook the free leg with inside arm.  Bring free leg back through to trap far leg at the hip.  Stretch out legs, post up on free arm, dump, roll into knee on belly.

Key point of performance:  The rotation – need to lift up torso to be able to rotate into the x-guard position, hold tight to the leg with the arm – else they’ll just pop out.

Didn’t spar – will hold off on that for a few weeks.  Knee felt pretty good.  Was a little sore/achy after, but was fine this morning.


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