8.30.2012 – more BJJ

August 30, 2012

Some really good general tips from the new coach

Framing – elbow to the mat, on side as much as possible.  Make the bone structure work for you.

Guard – grips, grips, and more grips.  Don’t just try to spin, try to grip and roll.

Posture – when breaking the guard, look straight ahead or up.  Back flat.  Toes extended, top of feet on mat, sit on heels.  Hands on hips/chest is part of maintaining posture.

Grips – don’t do a same side collar grab.  IF someone does it to you, grab their elbow with both hands, bend wrist back.

And one thing that’s coming back to me:  must get up on the tailbone or small of back when doing this stuff – can’t lie back.  If you’re on your side, you’re on your hip.  Have to get up, have to keep moving.


8.30.2012 – BJJ

August 30, 2012

Gi – escaping kesa getame

Escaping gesa ketame – three techniques

1.  Diagonal roll

a.  Link hands together behind opponents back

b.  walk hips as close to their hips as possible

c.  Plant outside foot, roll towards inside shoulder.  This is a feint.

d.  When they resist, switch and roll towards outside shoulder.  KEY IS FOR VECTOR TO BE DIAGONAL, OVER SHOULDER.

2.  Belly out

a.  Walk legs away from oponent.  Get as vertical as possible

b.  Simultaneously work trapped elbow to the ground.  Absolutely critical.

Alternate (which works well):  Once elbow is on ground, create frame against their neck, shrimp a little if possible.

c.  Post on outside leg and inside shoulder, belly out.

d.  Bring free arm around to top of opponents head, come up to knees.  Work from there.

3.  Frame and leg hook

a.  Again, get elbow to ground, create frame against opponents neck.

b.  Shrimp and push to get head closer to waist.

c.  Swing leg up and over head, sit up.

8.30.2012 – Crossfit

August 30, 2012

First lift post vacation

Lift –

Cleans – 3 x 135

KB swings – 3×10@36kg


4 Rounds:
8 2KB Front Squats (24kg)
Sprint 300 Meters
Rest 2 minutes


8.29.2012 – BJJ

August 30, 2012

No-gi – triangle

Basic setup

1.  Get one or both arms of your opponent on mat

2.  Overhook one arm, pull tight to chest.  Other arm grabs back of head to break posture.

3.  Open guard; with leg opposite of the underhooked arm, push back to create space.

4.  Release head, grab wrist of arm on free side.

5.  Bring free leg up.  Can use knee in their elbow to help control, foot on bicep, etc.  Ultimately, get swung up over their shoulder.

6.  Other leg comes up, cross ankles.

7.  Lift hips, get trapped arm across their face, preferably under their neck.

8.  Once stable, drop leg to mat and rotate towards the hand of the trapped arm.  Pull shin as parallel as possible, lock in choke.


  • Really important to get their head down towards your hips.  Only way to do that is get a really good push on step 3. 
  • Torso rotation is key to making the choke tight.  But it’s critical to get control of their head and/or your shin when working that rotation – else they’ll pop out


1.  If they hide the arm you’re supposed to pull across:

  • Hands on head, rotate into the omoplata. 
    • Key point of performance – get the fulcrum on their bicep as close to the elbow as possible

2.  If they stand up

  • Hook leg, roll them over.  Finish choke or armbar, or armlock.

3.  If you lose the leg lock

  • Armbar

8.27.2012 – BJJ

August 30, 2012

No-gi – breaking the guard and passing

Breaking the guard

Standing break:

1.  Hands on biceps or in armpits to pin torso

2.  Bring one leg up – key is to keep foot pretty far back so they can’t hook.  Also forces your hips more back than up, which helps break guard.

3.  Second foot up, stand up.

4.  Bring knee in on tailbone.

5.  Bring opposite leg back, sit back to break guard.


  • Really important to keep posture up and weight back.
  • Feet need to be back towards you, not up by their hips.  See above.
  • Can, and may have to, shift hands up to hips once you stand to start shaking them down a little.

Kneeling break:

1.  One hand on pec, or dug in under ribcage, one hand down to their hip.  Elbow must be inside their thigh/knee.

2.  Shift knee/hip under low hand back to create space.

3.  Bring high hand down to opponents hip, shift your knee/hip back to create space.

4.  Push down with arm/elbow while popping knee through.


  • This was easier to execute than the standing break


Worked basic knee cuts.  Key point of performance – look for the underhook on the side opposite of where you’re passing.

Two good rides (32 miles to lighthouse, 28 miles)

Three good runs, longest 6.2 miles – ended up being about an 8.5 min pace

8.16.12 – BJJ

August 16, 2012

Ankle lock

Basic technique – once your opponent is on his back and his leg is hanging by your hip:

  • Loop arm underneath the achilles.  If to high up the calf, slide down.  Try to orient the blade of the forearm against the tendon.
  • Lock into a figure four with other hand.
  • Fall back onto captured side.  Maintain control of far leg with knee or foot.
  • Shift grip from figure four to straight pull/wrist grip.  Take top hand and pull on bottom hand (that has foot captured) and pull up. 
  • Arch back.

Spent a lot of time working on grabbing the feet (ankles or toes), lifting, and stepping in. 

Key to work on – staying in crouch, not leading with head.  Get positive control with lead leg off the bat.



8.16.12 – Crossfit

August 16, 2012

Pullups – 7, 3×5 (fives were four pullups, one chinup)

Push Press – 2×5 @95, 1×4 @135, 1×4 @ 125

Coaching from Josh

  • Set grip width with about 1/2 thumbnail in the smooth part when thumb extended
  • Elbows should be about 45 degree angle towards floor.  Idea is to get the bar on the forward part of the shoulder for so it serves as a platform for the push
  • Visual target at about 30 degrees above neutral to start to help ensure head is in neutral position at end

Need to do a better job on the dip and drive, then head forward.  Had balance issues on last two sets.

Air Squats
Kettlebell Swings – 28kg

took 8:16.  Endurance is getting better.  Time to start pushing through.

8.15.12 – BJJ

August 15, 2012

No gi.

Worked side control

Key points of performance –

From the top –

1. Shoulder pressure

2.  Knee to hips

3.  Switch hips to reestablish base or go to kesa gatame if near arm available.

From the bottom

1.  Two ways to escape – straight bump or the Emily Kwok arm rock.  Either way, the idea is to get the frame in place and then shrimp to guard or shoulder walk.

2.  Don’t reach for the hip.  Frame.

3.  Shoulder walk once the frame is established to create some space.

4.  From there, either

a.  establish guard or

b.  push the head all the way down, if far arm of opponent is available, grab wrist, put outside knee into elbow and stretch (like spider guard), lock down other arm like straight armbar.  Move into inverted triangle, work top arm.


Was not a very good partner today.  Kept smacking Mark with my elbows.   Also left about a gallon of sweat on the mats.

Roll felt good.  Need to work on maintaining posture in guard and breaking guard to pass.


August 15, 2012


3×3 front squat  @185 (pr)

3×3 deadlift at 245 (pr)

12 minutes:
1,3,5 Ladders
Handstand Push Ups
Ring Push Ups
Strict Pull Ups
2x Power Swings (2,6,10 reps) – 32kg

Did one full ladder, then up to 3.  Power swings were a bear.