8.15.12 – BJJ

August 15, 2012

No gi.

Worked side control

Key points of performance –

From the top –

1. Shoulder pressure

2.  Knee to hips

3.  Switch hips to reestablish base or go to kesa gatame if near arm available.

From the bottom

1.  Two ways to escape – straight bump or the Emily Kwok arm rock.  Either way, the idea is to get the frame in place and then shrimp to guard or shoulder walk.

2.  Don’t reach for the hip.  Frame.

3.  Shoulder walk once the frame is established to create some space.

4.  From there, either

a.  establish guard or

b.  push the head all the way down, if far arm of opponent is available, grab wrist, put outside knee into elbow and stretch (like spider guard), lock down other arm like straight armbar.  Move into inverted triangle, work top arm.


Was not a very good partner today.  Kept smacking Mark with my elbows.   Also left about a gallon of sweat on the mats.

Roll felt good.  Need to work on maintaining posture in guard and breaking guard to pass.


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