8.16.12 – BJJ

August 16, 2012

Ankle lock

Basic technique – once your opponent is on his back and his leg is hanging by your hip:

  • Loop arm underneath the achilles.  If to high up the calf, slide down.  Try to orient the blade of the forearm against the tendon.
  • Lock into a figure four with other hand.
  • Fall back onto captured side.  Maintain control of far leg with knee or foot.
  • Shift grip from figure four to straight pull/wrist grip.  Take top hand and pull on bottom hand (that has foot captured) and pull up. 
  • Arch back.

Spent a lot of time working on grabbing the feet (ankles or toes), lifting, and stepping in. 

Key to work on – staying in crouch, not leading with head.  Get positive control with lead leg off the bat.




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