8.27.2012 – BJJ

August 30, 2012

No-gi – breaking the guard and passing

Breaking the guard

Standing break:

1.  Hands on biceps or in armpits to pin torso

2.  Bring one leg up – key is to keep foot pretty far back so they can’t hook.  Also forces your hips more back than up, which helps break guard.

3.  Second foot up, stand up.

4.  Bring knee in on tailbone.

5.  Bring opposite leg back, sit back to break guard.


  • Really important to keep posture up and weight back.
  • Feet need to be back towards you, not up by their hips.  See above.
  • Can, and may have to, shift hands up to hips once you stand to start shaking them down a little.

Kneeling break:

1.  One hand on pec, or dug in under ribcage, one hand down to their hip.  Elbow must be inside their thigh/knee.

2.  Shift knee/hip under low hand back to create space.

3.  Bring high hand down to opponents hip, shift your knee/hip back to create space.

4.  Push down with arm/elbow while popping knee through.


  • This was easier to execute than the standing break


Worked basic knee cuts.  Key point of performance – look for the underhook on the side opposite of where you’re passing.


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