8.29.2012 – BJJ

August 30, 2012

No-gi – triangle

Basic setup

1.  Get one or both arms of your opponent on mat

2.  Overhook one arm, pull tight to chest.  Other arm grabs back of head to break posture.

3.  Open guard; with leg opposite of the underhooked arm, push back to create space.

4.  Release head, grab wrist of arm on free side.

5.  Bring free leg up.  Can use knee in their elbow to help control, foot on bicep, etc.  Ultimately, get swung up over their shoulder.

6.  Other leg comes up, cross ankles.

7.  Lift hips, get trapped arm across their face, preferably under their neck.

8.  Once stable, drop leg to mat and rotate towards the hand of the trapped arm.  Pull shin as parallel as possible, lock in choke.


  • Really important to get their head down towards your hips.  Only way to do that is get a really good push on step 3. 
  • Torso rotation is key to making the choke tight.  But it’s critical to get control of their head and/or your shin when working that rotation – else they’ll pop out


1.  If they hide the arm you’re supposed to pull across:

  • Hands on head, rotate into the omoplata. 
    • Key point of performance – get the fulcrum on their bicep as close to the elbow as possible

2.  If they stand up

  • Hook leg, roll them over.  Finish choke or armbar, or armlock.

3.  If you lose the leg lock

  • Armbar

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