8.30.2012 – BJJ

August 30, 2012

Gi – escaping kesa getame

Escaping gesa ketame – three techniques

1.  Diagonal roll

a.  Link hands together behind opponents back

b.  walk hips as close to their hips as possible

c.  Plant outside foot, roll towards inside shoulder.  This is a feint.

d.  When they resist, switch and roll towards outside shoulder.  KEY IS FOR VECTOR TO BE DIAGONAL, OVER SHOULDER.

2.  Belly out

a.  Walk legs away from oponent.  Get as vertical as possible

b.  Simultaneously work trapped elbow to the ground.  Absolutely critical.

Alternate (which works well):  Once elbow is on ground, create frame against their neck, shrimp a little if possible.

c.  Post on outside leg and inside shoulder, belly out.

d.  Bring free arm around to top of opponents head, come up to knees.  Work from there.

3.  Frame and leg hook

a.  Again, get elbow to ground, create frame against opponents neck.

b.  Shrimp and push to get head closer to waist.

c.  Swing leg up and over head, sit up.


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