8.30.2012 – more BJJ

August 30, 2012

Some really good general tips from the new coach

Framing – elbow to the mat, on side as much as possible.  Make the bone structure work for you.

Guard – grips, grips, and more grips.  Don’t just try to spin, try to grip and roll.

Posture – when breaking the guard, look straight ahead or up.  Back flat.  Toes extended, top of feet on mat, sit on heels.  Hands on hips/chest is part of maintaining posture.

Grips – don’t do a same side collar grab.  IF someone does it to you, grab their elbow with both hands, bend wrist back.

And one thing that’s coming back to me:  must get up on the tailbone or small of back when doing this stuff – can’t lie back.  If you’re on your side, you’re on your hip.  Have to get up, have to keep moving.


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