9.1.2012 – Crossfit

September 2, 2012


Cleans, and more cleans.  I lost track of how many.  Maxed out at 120lbs.  Which sucks.

I am abysmal at cleans, though full cleans are easier than power cleans. 

Points of performance:

  • Grip slightly wider than shoulder width.  Stick out thumbs to hips.
  • Shoulders rolled back a little.
  • Slight, not huge, bend in knees.
  • Hinge at the hips. 
  • Landing position slightly wider than normal squat.

4 Rounds
6 Hang Full Cleans @ 95lbs
12 Burpees
Unloaded Sled Push Down + Back

15:40.  Felt like absolute crap – no energy.


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