9.4.12 – BJJ

September 4, 2012

Escape from half guard

Key point of performance – get up on hip on the side you have the leg trapped.

Basic escape:

1.  Trap side arm rolls up into opponents head, opposite elbow down to mat/hip.

2.  Trap side arm accross face to frame.

3.  Shrimp out, recover guard.  Get knee inside first, then slide foot out and round

Underhook escape:

1.  Start as with basic escape.

2.  Swim trap side arm into underhook.

3.  Head down towards opponents waist.

4.  Use outside leg to come in, pull opponents outside leg out  – all their weight shoudl be on their knee on their non-traped side.

5.  Come to knees – maintain underhook at waist.

6a.  With outside arm, knee pick, push in with body, come around into side control.

6b.  If you can’t get the knee pick, or they post with their far side arm:

–  push in with shoulder

–  when they push back, underhook their far knee with free arm

– roll in the direction they are pushing.


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