9.5.2012 – BJJ

September 6, 2012

Worked a kimura sequence –

– Kimura

–  If they straighten the arm, bring it around to head, straight arm lock

–  If arm keeps going, armbar

–  key point of performance is to reach accross and grab their collar/shoulder – only way to get enough torque to spin under

–  If they pull arm out – triangle

–  If they stack, reach under with inside arm, hook knee, rotate head to their knee, sit up/roll them forward.  Armbar from top.

Strained an oblique when I got rolled onto my head/neck.  Loosened up some by this morning (next day).


Got regularly housed.  In particular by Adrian’s arm drags – the small man is fast.

It’s a combination of not having the feel back yet, and not having the same cardio base I did prior to surgery.  Not sure how I’m going to fit cycling back into the equation.


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