1.31.2013 – BJJ

January 31, 2013

Danny is back.

Worked open guard to double catspaw grip, feet on oppo’s hips, knees spread out to trap elbows.

Sweep 1:

  • Let go of one arm, reach across and get pistol grip on sleeve of other arm
  • Release other catspaw, reach around to same side ankle
  • Drop foot on side that’s holding pistol grip to back of oppo’s knee
  • Simlultaneously push wiht foot on hip, pull with hand on ankle and pull with pistol grip
  • Move into knee cut as you roll up

Sweep 2 (Sickle sweep)

  • Let go of one arm, reach across and get pistol grip on sleeve of other arm
  • Release other catspaw, reach around to same side ankle
  • Roll up on hip, bring pistol grip side foot to opposite hip
  • Bring ankle grip side leg down and sweep opposite foot while pushing with foot in opposite hip and pulling on sleeve with pistol grip
  • Requires more of a stepover pass to finish

Sweep 3 – sucker sweep

  • From start position, push, pull push, and pull htem straight over your head, roll over back into mount

De la Riva

  • From start position, drop one catspaw and grap same side ankle.
  • Swing leg out and around outside of leg that’s in ankle grip, hook foot behind knee
    • Important to swing hard, pivot on small of back so torso is perpendicular to oppo
    • Maintain other catspaw
  • Drop foot that’s still on hip down to just above knee, stretch them out.

Lots of options from there.


Trained with Jake again.  Good training partner.

Two-a-days make me rather tired.






1.31.2013 – Crossfit

January 31, 2013

Sumo deadlift – 5×3 – 225, 235×4

Every minute for 10 minutes:
3 Weighted Pull Ups
3 Push Press

Push press  @95 lbs.

1.29.2013 – BJJ

January 29, 2013

Class led by Coach Issac.

Worked kneecut to backstep sequence:

–          Basic kneecut:

  • Step into opponents guard
    • Passing knee presses into same side thigh, leg on passing side planted well out to establish wide base
    • Grip same side lapel on passing knee side
      • Keep elbow tucked tight to prevent their knee getting between chest and arm
  • Grip pants at outside of knee on the side you’re going to cut to
  • Push down on gripped knee, cut passing knee accross passing side thigh
  • Get underhook with arm that had lapel
  • Sit through, switch hips, cross face

–          Backstep variation:

  • Once your cutting knee is past thigh, opponent may lock up that leg in 1/2 guard, or try to bump you forward on to your head to reverse.  In that case:
    • Hook neck/head with arm that had lapel grip
    • Simultaneously backstep passing side leg
      • Swing high and hard – don’t want to get stuck on opponents belly
  • Grab passing side pants at knee as you come over
  • Now you’re in a half-assed half guard.
    • Maintain control of far knee with outside hand
    • Bring up outside foot (the one you backstepped with) to help lift oppo’s top leg and snake trapped leg out
    • Use trapped leg to underhook opponents bottom leg at knee and lift – prevents them bridging into you
    • Switch hips, crossface

 Getting seatbelt from side control with crossface:

  • Bring crossface arm back and grab back of collar
  • Snake top arm down over belly, under opponents ass, get a handful of pants on far side
  • Grip and roll with chest pressure
    • Key is to drop chest level down as opponent rolls – fill the space created by the roll before they roll back into it
  • Snake top arm back under neck and establish seatbelt


–          Coach Issac is an excellent instructor.  Decent amount of positional sparring throughout, which was fun. 

–         Neck/back popped a couple of times, in a good “I’m being used and stretching out way.” 

–          Fell apart on the final conditioning drill – three laps of bearcrawls.  Part was Crossfit being all single arm overhead lifts, but part was simple lack of conditioning.  Need to keep working to get my gas back.

1.29.2013 – Crossfit

January 29, 2013


Single arm DB press – 4x40lbs right arm, 2×35, 2×40 left arm

Ring rows – 4×8

Note:  Left arm continues to tingle after heavy overhead lifts.  Need to talk to Kobrine about that on 6 February.  Right elbow continues to be a pain.  Need to talk to Sanders on 1 February.


AMRAP 5 minutes:
5 Dumbbell Clean & Push Press, L
5 Burpees
5 Dumbbell Clean & Push Press, L
5 Burpees

Rest 3 minutes

AMRAP 5 minutes:
5 Dumbbell Snatches, L
5 Burpees
5 Dumbbell Snatches, R
5 Burpees

3 (+5+5+3); 3(+5+5+2)

1.26.2013 – Crossfit

January 26, 2013


Front squat:  3×5 @ 185lbs

KB Swing – 3×10 @32kg

Note:  185 was my previous 2 RM PR on front squat.  3×5 is nuts.


12 minute time cap to complete the following:


Barbell Push Press @95 lbs

Box Jumps

Kettlebell Swings @ 24kg

Note:  Got through the push press in the round of three.  PP was definitely the limiting factor.

1.24.2013 – BJJ

January 24, 2013

First class back post surgery.  Trained with Jake – good partner.  Another strong ox.

Worked from the back, and escaping the back.

  • Bow and arrow choke (from the seatbelt)-
  • Feed opposite collar to top hand
  • Use underhook hand to grab pants at knee
  • Rotate towards underhook hand, get underhook leg across waist
    • Key here is to really rotate, and stay close to stay in control
  • Lift the leg that’s not on opponents waist up to shoulder to pin and flatten
    • May need to start leaning back first
  • Lean back
  • Armbar from seatbelt
    • Use top hand to get grip on opposite wrist.  Bottom hand grasps wrist of top hand (basically a figure four grip)
    • Lift up opponents elbow with underhook arm, rotate so underhook leg is accross waist
    • Shoot underhook hand deeper through crook of opponents elbow
    • Pop overhook over opponents head
    • Sit back, throw overhook leg over opponents face, work armbar
  • Maintaining control when opponent starts to hip walk out
    • Maintain the seatbelt, walk back around to a 12-6, then push them up into a sitting position.  Either take back again, or if they fall to one side take back, or fatboy, or even work armbar.
  • Also worked shaking opponent off your back after rolling to underhook side.
    • Key point of performance – stay on knees.  Once you go flat, you’re done.


  • Held my own during positional sparring.  That was nice.
  • Need to work on using momentum instead of just muscling through.  Was able to roll Jake from one side to the other by using a rocking motion to get him going, a la Emily Kwok.
  • Felt good to be back.  No pain during the practice.  Left arm was a little tingly for a couple hours afterwards, but nothing profound.
  • Definitely tired – this on top of a crossfit day was a workout.

1.24.2013 – Crossfit

January 24, 2013

Sumo deadlift: 185, 205, 225×3

3 Rounds:
1 minute Row, calories
Rest 1 minute
1 minute Ball Slams
Rest 1 minute

Cant’ remember total score. Got my heart rate up, though.

1.10.13 – Crossfit

January 10, 2013

4×3 push jerk

115, 125×2, two failed attempts at 135

“Dumbbell Grace”
For time:
30 Dumbbell Clean and Jerks – 30lbs @ 5:15

1.10.13 – Update

January 10, 2013

Been doing crossfit about 3x week.  Slowly, slowly working back into form.  Back generally feels quite good.  Still muscular soreness, which is to be expected.  Get slight pressure under the left shoulder blade and a little tingle in the left hand when I do heavy overhead lifts – but those symptoms have been reducing over time and the Doc assures me they’ll go away completely.

Been cleared to go back on the mats on January 23.  Will do the basics classes only for a while – it’s going to take a month or two for all the neck and back muscles to loosen up enough that I’ll feel comfortable exposing myself to a choke.