1.24.2013 – BJJ

January 24, 2013

First class back post surgery.  Trained with Jake – good partner.  Another strong ox.

Worked from the back, and escaping the back.

  • Bow and arrow choke (from the seatbelt)-
  • Feed opposite collar to top hand
  • Use underhook hand to grab pants at knee
  • Rotate towards underhook hand, get underhook leg across waist
    • Key here is to really rotate, and stay close to stay in control
  • Lift the leg that’s not on opponents waist up to shoulder to pin and flatten
    • May need to start leaning back first
  • Lean back
  • Armbar from seatbelt
    • Use top hand to get grip on opposite wrist.  Bottom hand grasps wrist of top hand (basically a figure four grip)
    • Lift up opponents elbow with underhook arm, rotate so underhook leg is accross waist
    • Shoot underhook hand deeper through crook of opponents elbow
    • Pop overhook over opponents head
    • Sit back, throw overhook leg over opponents face, work armbar
  • Maintaining control when opponent starts to hip walk out
    • Maintain the seatbelt, walk back around to a 12-6, then push them up into a sitting position.  Either take back again, or if they fall to one side take back, or fatboy, or even work armbar.
  • Also worked shaking opponent off your back after rolling to underhook side.
    • Key point of performance – stay on knees.  Once you go flat, you’re done.


  • Held my own during positional sparring.  That was nice.
  • Need to work on using momentum instead of just muscling through.  Was able to roll Jake from one side to the other by using a rocking motion to get him going, a la Emily Kwok.
  • Felt good to be back.  No pain during the practice.  Left arm was a little tingly for a couple hours afterwards, but nothing profound.
  • Definitely tired – this on top of a crossfit day was a workout.

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