1.29.2013 – BJJ

January 29, 2013

Class led by Coach Issac.

Worked kneecut to backstep sequence:

–          Basic kneecut:

  • Step into opponents guard
    • Passing knee presses into same side thigh, leg on passing side planted well out to establish wide base
    • Grip same side lapel on passing knee side
      • Keep elbow tucked tight to prevent their knee getting between chest and arm
  • Grip pants at outside of knee on the side you’re going to cut to
  • Push down on gripped knee, cut passing knee accross passing side thigh
  • Get underhook with arm that had lapel
  • Sit through, switch hips, cross face

–          Backstep variation:

  • Once your cutting knee is past thigh, opponent may lock up that leg in 1/2 guard, or try to bump you forward on to your head to reverse.  In that case:
    • Hook neck/head with arm that had lapel grip
    • Simultaneously backstep passing side leg
      • Swing high and hard – don’t want to get stuck on opponents belly
  • Grab passing side pants at knee as you come over
  • Now you’re in a half-assed half guard.
    • Maintain control of far knee with outside hand
    • Bring up outside foot (the one you backstepped with) to help lift oppo’s top leg and snake trapped leg out
    • Use trapped leg to underhook opponents bottom leg at knee and lift – prevents them bridging into you
    • Switch hips, crossface

 Getting seatbelt from side control with crossface:

  • Bring crossface arm back and grab back of collar
  • Snake top arm down over belly, under opponents ass, get a handful of pants on far side
  • Grip and roll with chest pressure
    • Key is to drop chest level down as opponent rolls – fill the space created by the roll before they roll back into it
  • Snake top arm back under neck and establish seatbelt


–          Coach Issac is an excellent instructor.  Decent amount of positional sparring throughout, which was fun. 

–         Neck/back popped a couple of times, in a good “I’m being used and stretching out way.” 

–          Fell apart on the final conditioning drill – three laps of bearcrawls.  Part was Crossfit being all single arm overhead lifts, but part was simple lack of conditioning.  Need to keep working to get my gas back.


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