2.19.2013 – BJJ

February 20, 2013

Worked a triangle setup:

As oppo starts guard pass:

  • catspaw cuff on chest with opposite arm
  • Get figure four grip on catspaw wrist, jerk entire frame up (overhead) and to the inside of their elbow.  Key is to get both of your elbows inside theirs.
  • Get overhook on arm you’ve pulled over head
  • Open guard (if you haven’t already), shift onto hip, bring the leg up to behind the arm you have the overhook on
  • free hand goes to wrist of opposite arm, work triangle from there

Triangle pointers/reminders

  • Get the legs in position, then lift hips and throw their arm across your chest/their thoat.  Kept forgetting that basic point for some reason.
  • Once arm is across, grab shin, drop same side foot, and get the angle right then – not once you’ve locked your leg in.
  • Maintain control of their posture

Other notes:

Decent amount of positional sparring.  Still doing a lot more thinking than moving.  Same spot in back was a bit more sore than usual after sparring and through evening, but seems to have settled down.  Continue to experience some numbness in left hand and foot.


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