2.28.2013 – BJJ

March 1, 2013

Coach Issac filled in

Triangle setups:

1.  From closed guard – simply push one arm back into their belly, throw same side leg up

2.  From half guard:  Overhook one arm, shrimp to that side, get foot on uke’s hip.  Frame out opposite arm with opposite hand.  Pull bottom leg out and over neck.

3.  From mount:  Push one hand down towards their belly, while throwing that side leg staight up past their head.  Lift head, wrap leg under, roll.  Key point of performance:  make sure you have one of their arms in and one out.

4.  Gramby roll:  If they’re at your side (essentially in a wrestling starting position) gramby in, throw up the choke.

5.  “Bonus technique”:  If you gramby and end up “upside down and backwards” with a double catspaw, shoot one foot under their opposite armpit, rotate, lock leg down.


Key points of performance:  Kept forgetting to throw arm across in haste.  Smoother is faster.


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