3.3.2013 – BETA White Belt Tournament

March 4, 2013

Weighed in at 189 with jeans on.  LHW is 180-195 so not much point in trying to cut weight.

1.  Crim defense guy – David?  Worked out of a bad position in half guard to full guard, swept off an armbar attempt, locked in kesa getame, got the tap with a straight arm lock.

2.  Dave Wolf.  Ended up in his guard after a scramble, spent the entire four minutes trying to pass his guard.  Frustrating.

3.  Kid from Pittsburgh – Chris? – He shot a single.  I got a half assed headlock on before he took me down.  Neither of us could move for a while, but as soon as I loosened up he moved into mount.  Bucked, couldn’t escape, he got the keylock right before time.

4.  Top of consolation bracket – lawyer again – he did a reverse judo somersault thing, scramble resulted, he ended up on top.  Spent the entire time working out the back door of his high mount.  Left my arm out, tapped to straight armbar.

Result – third in bracket.  Chris won, lawyer second.

Open weight –

1.  Uke pulled guard.  Immediately passed to half guard, then full pass.  had trouble settling into side control because he framed.  Worked back and forth between kesa getame and full side control.  He pulled half guard, used that as an excuse to go for the keylock, which worked.  Felt terrible – popped something in his elbow before he tapped.

2.  Sam – Spent about 2 minutes locked up trying to find an advantage.  Eventually ended up on ground.  I turtled, rolled into guard, tried to pull an armbar but forgot to hold onto his arm.  Managed to stand up and try to pass for last 40 seconds or so.  Lost on points.  Sam eventually lost to a super heavy.

Overall:  six matches, three wins, three losses.  Two wins by sub, two losses by sub.

Notes:  Great time.  Good folks on the podium with me – just nice guys.  Still thinking a lot about what to do from guard – but that will come.  Need some standup techniques – really haven’t the foggiest idea what to do when standing.


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