4.30.2013 – BJJ

April 30, 2013

More half guard escapes and sweeps

Short version –

1.  Shrimp

2.  Get underhook

3.  Hook and pull out their leg

4.  Dive head down into deep half guard

5.  Either (a) drive shoulder through while picking knee/ankle, or (b) when the push back against you, roll away and sweep.


4.30.2013 – Crossfit

April 30, 2013


Press:  5×95; 3×100 (PR) + 2×95; 3×95 + 2×85

Ring rows:  3×10

Complete 4 unbroken rounds:
1 Deadlift
2 Power Swings
1 Deadlift
4 Power Swings
1 Deadlift
6 Power Swings
Rest 90 seconds between rounds

11:41 @ 205lbs; 40kg 

4.27.13 – Crossfit

April 28, 2013

AMRAP 10 minutes:  3 dips, 3 pullups

Partner WOD
In teams of two, complete the following tasks:
Run 800 meters
While your partner is running
10 Ball Slams
15 Air Squats
Once your partner finishes the run, trade places
Rest 3 minutes
Row 750 meters
While your partner is rowing
14 Sit Ups
7 Burpees
Once your partner finishes the row, trade places

Partnered with Joe.  17 minutes-ish.  4(+10+4); 2(+14+3)

4.25.2013 – BJJ

April 25, 2013

Worked takedowns, then reversals from failed takedown, then recovery from half guard.

Reversals from failed takedown – they start sprawled on top of you

1.  Sitout

  • Post one leg forward (by your ear).
  • Bring same elbow up into their armpit, rotate entire torso towards that elbow.  Face should end up pointing as close to the ceiling as possible.
  • Bring trailing leg underneath (that’s the sit)
  • Reverse hips, take back (sprawler should gramby to recover guard)

2.  Transition to single

  • Grab one of uke’s legs
  • work around to that side, get leg in crook of elbow
  • Bring outside foot up, hook their near leg, pull back.
  • Push through, take side control (or into their half guard)

3.  Backout – if the first two don’t work

  • Back up a little to create space
  • Bring one leg up
  • Sit back
  • Work legs to get guard/half guard
  • If they keep their arm wrapped around your neck, look for back take


Half guard recovery

  • The key to all of this is getting up onto one hip -really far.  It’s a full shrimp into their cross face to create space, either to recover full guard or to get one or both butterfly hooks in.

1.  Recover full guard

  • Shrimp!  Top arm is accross their back (keep it safe), bottom arm monitor far knee.
  • Top leg monitor their near leg
  • Stretch back out, use space to get full guard

2.  Get a butterfly guard

  • Shrimp!
  • If there’s space, fence top foot in for a butterfly hook
  • Stretch out, either get hook with bottom leg, or place on far hip
  • Stretch them out, sit up, and sweep, or, if they stay low, get control of that far arm, put bottom foot on their hip, and lift with butterfly hook





4.25.2013 – Crossfit

April 25, 2013

Push Jerk

95 to 135 w/ Mike.  Probably could have started at 105.

Complete 4 unbroken rounds:
1 Front Squat
2 Box Jumps
1 Front Squat
4 Box Jumps
1 Front Squat
6 Box Jumps
Rest 90 seconds between rounds

Box was 36″ plus a 45lb plate.  No problems

Started at 135lbs w/o rack for squats.  Couldn’t clean after the first set.  Rachel authorized rack and went to 185lbs for remaining squats.  Total time 10:06.

Big lesson learned?  Work on the clean.

4.23.2013 – BJJ

April 23, 2013

First class in a month or so – VRS.

Worked an alternate setup for armbar/triangle from closed guard.  This is what Elise was trying to coach me through in my first match at the BJJ tournament.

First, and key, step, is to get control of their arm as they try to set up for a guard break. 

  • They grasp gi lapel. 
  • Same side arm gets motorcycle grip on wrist, opposite arm reaches accross to grasp tricep/elbow.
  • Plank/straighten out hips, torque hip and pull arm across chest, trap to chest.
  • Work legs up to high guard, get same side leg hooked over shoulder.  Lock toes.
  • Free same side arm, reach accros and grab far side tricep (or shoulder, or collar).  At this point you have full lockdown, with both of their arms in.
  • Hook near side leg over face.  Execute armbar or, if they pull bottom arm out, go for triangle or omoplata.

Key points of performance:

  • This is not a speed setup – it needs to be methodical, focus on control and pressure.
  • Leg pressure – down on back.  Added twist – drop far side leg down to glute/hip – makes it hard for them to stack, easier to sweep them if necessary.

4.23.13 – Crossfit

April 23, 2013

Front Squat:  5×185, 5×190 – looked and felt good

KB swings:  2×8, 1×10 @40kg.  Need to go up for heavy swings.  44 next time.
Shuttle Run (fence + back)
25 Ball Slams
10 Knees to Elbows
Shuttle Run (Maaco sign + back)
20 Ball Slams
10 Knees to Elbows
Shuttle Run (Donohoe sign + back)
15 Ball Slams
10 Knees to Elbows
Shuttle Run (Guardrail + back)
10 Ball Slams
10 Knees to Elbows

25 lb ball.  Took forever.  Limiting factor was knees to elbows.

Really need to work pushups and situps on off days.

4.20.2013 – Crossfit

April 20, 2013

Deadlift:  1 easy set of 5×295, bonked on try at 305.

Part of the problem was I started bullshitting with Colin and lost focus.  He suggested going light on deadlift this week, pulling for speed, plus lots of heavy kettlebell swings.
Partner WOD
2 Rounds:
50 Barbell Thrusters
100 Kettlebell Swings
2 Butcher Sled Trips
Rest 3 minutes, repeat

10:00 minutes

With Tok.  Thrusters @75lbs (should have gone up); kb swings @20kg

Split thrusters into sets of 5.  Did about 55% of kb swings.

4.18.2013 – Crossfit

April 18, 2013

Missed 4.16 because of stomach flu


SA press:  40lbs 5/3/2

5 pullup, 2×8 ring rows

Shuttle Run (fence + back)
30 Air Squats
Farmers Carry fence + back
Shuttle Run (Maaco sign + back)
25 Air Squats
Farmers Carry fence + back
Shuttle Run (Donohoe sign + back)
20 Air Squats
Farmers Carry fence + back
Shuttle Run (Guardrail + back)
15 Air Squats
Farmers Carry fence + back

32kg for farmers carry.

4.13.13 – Crossfit

April 13, 2013

Deadlift:  5×285, 300  (PR)

Ring Rows:  3×8

5 Rounds
12 KB Lunges
Group Sprint 100 Yards
rest between (about 1 minute)