4.23.2013 – BJJ

April 23, 2013

First class in a month or so – VRS.

Worked an alternate setup for armbar/triangle from closed guard.  This is what Elise was trying to coach me through in my first match at the BJJ tournament.

First, and key, step, is to get control of their arm as they try to set up for a guard break. 

  • They grasp gi lapel. 
  • Same side arm gets motorcycle grip on wrist, opposite arm reaches accross to grasp tricep/elbow.
  • Plank/straighten out hips, torque hip and pull arm across chest, trap to chest.
  • Work legs up to high guard, get same side leg hooked over shoulder.  Lock toes.
  • Free same side arm, reach accros and grab far side tricep (or shoulder, or collar).  At this point you have full lockdown, with both of their arms in.
  • Hook near side leg over face.  Execute armbar or, if they pull bottom arm out, go for triangle or omoplata.

Key points of performance:

  • This is not a speed setup – it needs to be methodical, focus on control and pressure.
  • Leg pressure – down on back.  Added twist – drop far side leg down to glute/hip – makes it hard for them to stack, easier to sweep them if necessary.

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