4.25.2013 – BJJ

April 25, 2013

Worked takedowns, then reversals from failed takedown, then recovery from half guard.

Reversals from failed takedown – they start sprawled on top of you

1.  Sitout

  • Post one leg forward (by your ear).
  • Bring same elbow up into their armpit, rotate entire torso towards that elbow.  Face should end up pointing as close to the ceiling as possible.
  • Bring trailing leg underneath (that’s the sit)
  • Reverse hips, take back (sprawler should gramby to recover guard)

2.  Transition to single

  • Grab one of uke’s legs
  • work around to that side, get leg in crook of elbow
  • Bring outside foot up, hook their near leg, pull back.
  • Push through, take side control (or into their half guard)

3.  Backout – if the first two don’t work

  • Back up a little to create space
  • Bring one leg up
  • Sit back
  • Work legs to get guard/half guard
  • If they keep their arm wrapped around your neck, look for back take


Half guard recovery

  • The key to all of this is getting up onto one hip -really far.  It’s a full shrimp into their cross face to create space, either to recover full guard or to get one or both butterfly hooks in.

1.  Recover full guard

  • Shrimp!  Top arm is accross their back (keep it safe), bottom arm monitor far knee.
  • Top leg monitor their near leg
  • Stretch back out, use space to get full guard

2.  Get a butterfly guard

  • Shrimp!
  • If there’s space, fence top foot in for a butterfly hook
  • Stretch out, either get hook with bottom leg, or place on far hip
  • Stretch them out, sit up, and sweep, or, if they stay low, get control of that far arm, put bottom foot on their hip, and lift with butterfly hook






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