5.29.13 – BJJ

May 29, 2013

Knee on belly to Ezekiel choke

Knee on belly key points:
far arm on lapel
Near on sleeve, pref by elbow
Knee should be angled towards them, settled into sternum
Trail leg out for balance, on toes, not knee

When they roll away:
Drop chest to their high shoulder to trap, armpit to their armpit
Snake far arm underneath front of neck
Grab sleeve of near arm, come around for Ezekiel


5.28.13 – Crossfit

May 28, 2013


DB overhead press:  3×5@35; 2×5@40; 1×3, 2 @45

80lb farmers carry to fence and back.

OTM for 12 minutes:
Even minutes – 15 KB Swings (sub for KB cleans)
Odd Minutes: 15 Push Ups

32kg for KB. 

I don’t remember what I worked on what days, so a summary post.

Managed to train at least four days each week – Fridays with Mike, one Monday with Mike, the rest at BETA.  Have given preference to the masters classes; not sure my training partners are getting much out of it, but I most certainly am.

Spent a lot of time over that two week period working on half guard, both escapes and offense.  Some key takeaways:

1.  Ezekiel or sleeve choke is just money.  Even if you can’t get it in, it causes them to focus on that instead of escaping.  Mike taught me an absolute go-to move.

2.  Need to relax when I’m rolling.  Half the time Mike sweeps me it’s because I tense up and give him a rigid platform to roll.

3.  The escape is all about two things:

  • Preventing the cross face.  Use that Riberio position with the top hand down on hip, bottom hand cupped up to catch the bicep.  Once you’re cross faced, you’re in trouble.
  • Getting up on the downside elbow.  Everything flows from there.

4.  Escape from technical mount – just sit up!


The rolls with Mike are like private lessons for me – fun as hell, and I’m really seeing an improvement in my game.  Good stuff.


5.27.2013 – Crossfit

May 27, 2013

Deadlift:  5×275; 5×285; 2×295
10 rounds, each for time of:
115 pound Thruster, 5 reps (scaled to 95 – should have done 105)
10 Pull-ups (subbed 12 ring rows)
100 meter Sprint
Rest 1 minute b/t rounds

33 minutes. 

5.25.2013 – Crossfit

May 25, 2013

Front squats:  2×5@185
Shuttle Run (fence + back)
50 Double Unders
10 Push Ups
Shuttle Run (Maaco sign + back)
40 Double Unders
15 Push Ups
Shuttle Run (Donohoe sign + back)
30 Double Unders
20 Push Ups
Shuttle Run (Guardrail + back)
30 Double Unders
25 Push Ups

Don’t remember time.  Issue was the double unders – took forever.

5.23.2013 – Crossfit

May 23, 2013

Fat Gripz Barbell Press

4 Rounds:
Row 500 meters (sprint)

1:49; 1:49; 1:46; 1:46

5.21.13 – Crossfit

May 21, 2013


Need to check sheet


AMRAP 5 minutes:
7 Front Squats
7 Pull Ups
25 Double Unders

135 for squats, subbed ring rows for pull ups.

5.18.2013 – LIFT

May 18, 2013

Took Zoe to regionals so did the 8am LIFT class.  Rachel ran it.

Lots of kettlebell work, armbars, bear crawls.  Good time.

5.16.13 – Crossfit

May 16, 2013

5.13-5.15 – took off for motorcycle license course


  • Front Squat:  3×5@185
  • KB Swing:  3×10@40kg


Partner WOD- In teams of two, complete the following tasks:
Run 100 meters
10 Air Squats
Run 200 meters
15 Air Squats
Run 400 meters
20 Air Squats
Run 800 meters
25 Air Squats

11:24 (or so) with Mike

5.11.13 – Crossfit

May 11, 2013


Lift:  Think I did overhead press.  Don’t remember


Row 1000m; run 1 mile