5.6.13 – BJJ

May 6, 2013

First master class with Coach Issac

Totally different style from Coach Danny.  Long, slow warmup, lots of movement integrated with standard exercises.

Worked attacks from side control:

1.  Establish underhook with far arm

2.  Get a good grip on the neck of the gi, right under their neck, with near hand

3.  Switch hips into what is, effectively, kesa getame

4.  Flip top leg over past their head, slide foot under neck, press with hips for tap

If can’t get leg over or tap

5.  Release back of gi, trap top arm in armpit, straight armbar

If that doesn’t work

6.  Transition into a kimura on far arm


Good rolls.  I’m definitely the least skilled guy in the room.  Need to work on creating space when the pass starts to happen – getting crush passed a lot, which I think means I’m not creating space to reestablish position.

Tried a number of half guard escapes unsuccessfully.  Failed to stretch the leg out.


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