6.3.2013 – BJJ

June 3, 2013

With Coach Tim

Double leg from grips:  Key is to have right leg forward, sleeve grip with right hand, collar girp with left.  Release collar, swing arm under and through to break grips.  Immediately drop and close for double, head inside.  Vector then changes 90 degrees.

Clock choke:  If they turtle,

  • get inside knee into their torso space (between their knee and elbow if possible), far side arm fishes under their far armpit, get gable grip.
  • Far side arm opens far side collar.  Grip with near side arm.  Low enough that gi does choke, not knuckles.  Elbow bent at about 90 degrees, forearm parallel to ground.
  • Weight forward – either push his head down to mat, or simply shift your weight forward – forehead on mat – THIS IS KEY
  • Switch hips and start walking around towards their head

Suicide choke

  • Same setup as clock choke, but simply step around and sit down on their opposite shoulder. 

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