6.10.13 – BJJ

June 10, 2013

Issac’s class.

Continuing with de la riva, worked on a setup to execute prior to uke’s knee cut:

  • When uke puts a foot forward, scoot forward on butt, cross same side shin so foot is hooking inside and knee is to outside of their shin.  Hook outside arm behind knee.
  • Roll to inside (away from hooked foot) and lift hooked foot into air.  Simultaneously grab opposite foot with free arm.
  • Rotate hips under, takedown, move to side you had hooked.

Uke’s job is to unhook your foot and step back inside to start the knee cut.  If they do that, roll straight into the reverse de la riva.

Lesson from rolling:  Issac said to make sure to grab uke’s near ankle when rolling into reverse dlr.  So start grabbing the ankle.


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