6.20.13 – BJJ

June 20, 2013

With Coach Tim

1.  Cheating triangle

  • Cross collar grip with same side catspaw
  • shrimp back so both feet are on uke’s hips
  • Swing leg on opposite side of grips around so foot is on shoulder
    • Keep grips tight up against same side shin
    • Push back with opposite side foot
  • When they lean in:
    • rotate hips towards grip, shoot opposite side leg (the one w/ the foot on the shoulder) across neck – not straight back, but across neck
    • pull catspaw across chest
    • kick grip side lig straight forward, then bring knee back towards chest
  • At that point, you have them locked down
  • Make sure collar grip is high enough to pressure neck
  • Squeeze knees – they tap

Quick trapped in 1/2 guard choke

  • If you get caught in a knee cut, get collar grip under chin at the tag.  Lean weight across a la clock choke.  Quick and brutal.

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