7.18.2013 – Injury (incurred 6.25.2013)

July 18, 2013

After a relatively light crossfit workout and a very light BJJ class, with absolutely no acute event,my back tightened up on the left side.  The pain was a dull ache, similar in character to the pain I had from the herniations, but not nearly the level of intensity.  Lower – below the left shoulder blade, not between the shoulder blade and the spine (i.e., “the usual spot”)  But enough to be disturbing. 

Pain was primarily below the left shoulder blade.  Felt a bit like a pulled muscle, esp. as it increased when I arch my back bending forward.  Accompanied by increased, but still minor, numbness in the left forearm and hand – started as primarily thumb (has migrated more to thumb/forefinger), and left shin/foot (middle toes).  No noticeable reduction in strength.

Have seen Adam four times starting on the 26th.  Adam is, so far, convinced it’s muscular, not disc related.  Needled the heck out of my neck and back, which provided some relief, but did not resolve situation.  Can go for long periods without really noticing it, but if I sit wrong (slump) or move just right I get a reminder.

Didn’t do any exercise until July 13 – Adam thought the movement/activity might help.  Has to a certain degree.  There’s no discomfort/pain while lifting.

As of 7.18.2013, things are as follows.  The usual spot between the left shoulder blade and spine is generally quite tender, but only very occasionally twinges sua sponte.  Some discomfort below left shoulder blade, wrapping around under the armpit into the side of the chest.  Occasional twitching in bicep and muscles underneath armpit (left side of trap) after a workout.

If this were to continue forever it would be fine – it’s not in any way debilitating, and only occasionally distracting for a moment.  Very concerned about whether it makes sense to go back to BJJ.  Maybe that will stretch out whatever is tight.  Maybe I have a partially herniated disc and BJJ would push me into another ACDF.  Will discuss with Adam whether it’s time to see a neuro and get an MRI.

Very frustrating – I just want to train.



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