8.17.2013 – Medical update

August 17, 2013

If you’d asked me last Saturday, I’d have told you I had a problem.  Continued to have some pain below the shoulder blade, and the discomfort I described as moving around under my armpit to my chest has evolved so that if I slouch forward the muscles on my ribcage underneath the pec start to cramp.  During the drive on the way down to the outer banks on the 10th I had decent pain in between the shoulder blade and the spine, and figured I’d be calling my neuro soon.  Started taking Motrin.
Hit Crossfit OBX on Monday, which included a sequence where you clean, hit a front squat, push press, drop the bar into a high back squat, push press from the high back squat position, then drop back for the next clean.  Everything has felt more or less fine since that workout, including two additional reasonably intense sessions at Crossfit OBX.  Still get the ribcage cramping feeling if I slump, but it’s not as intense and seems to be fading.  Get some occasional twitching in the lat by the armpit, but there’s no weakness or pain, so I’ve decided that doesn’t matter.
My best guess is that I stretched or knocked something loose or pushed something back into place with that high back squat work.  It’s a stupid lift – you’re dropping the bar right onto your spine, and I had a bruise for a couple of days, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t seem to have done something positive.
So, tl;dr:  I guess I’m fine.  I don’t really get it at all, but I’m not complaining.  Will probably give it another week to make sure it’s all settled in before I go back to BJJ. 

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