8.22.2013 – BJJ

August 22, 2013

First class back post-injury.

Worked an arm loop sequence from guard.  If uke is in your guard, with elbows tucked inside your thighs to start a guard break, this can stall the break and perhaps lead to a sweep:

  • Cats paws on both of their wrists, same side
  • Open guard, left foot on their hip
  • Collapse knee across their arm to hold it in place
  • Right foot on their hip, shift back further to extend arms
  • Loop left foot around their right arm
  • Key – get foot in far enough that the top of your foot is hooked against their lat

At that point, you’re more in control, and can either

  • Bring right foot to their right hip, opening up their left side to pass
  • Maintain grips – when they try to come around, scoop leg with right arm and sweep
  • Key:  keep shin of right leg in their belly as much as possible – that’s the fulcrum


  • Push their left leg out at the knee with your right foot and go for what amounts to a scissor sweep

Flow rolled for 2 three minute rounds.  First was lousy – I’m rusty.  Second the dude wanted to roll full speed, so swept and worked into and out of mount. 

Live roll with Dave.  Started in his guard, passed to half guard, maintained top control, eventually worked to mount, then S mount before time expired. 

Guard break actually worked well.  Knee cut was not smooth, which is why I got caught working out of his half guard.  Did a good job getting cross face, which let me maintain position.  Really need to drill breaks and passes.




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