11.30.2013 – Crossfit

November 30, 2013

No Thursday class due to Thanksgiving, Friday was family focused.  Have completely blown the Russian squat cycle at this point.  I think I’ll just pick up where I left off and hit the last week starting Tuesday.

Turkish Getups

Maxed at 32kg.  The rollup from the left side is incredibly difficult.  Coaching tip was to use the bicep of the right arm to drag back, and rotate up on that right hip.  It was ugly, but I did it.


2km row.  7 minutes 40 seconds.  Felt like I went out a little fast, but ended up having something left at the end.  Made up a lot of time over the last 200m with hard power strokes.  Need to try to work some of those in during each of the first 500 – might be able to drop that time by quite a bit.


11.27.2013 – Crossfit

November 27, 2013

Week got shot to squat because gym didn’t open on Monday, Sharon ran on Tuesday morning, and I failed to set the alarm properly for Wednesday morning.  So – this is Wednesday evening:


Did 6×2 at 175 – Russian Squat Cycle rest day.
EMOM x 12 minutes:
(Odd) 10 Barbell Push Press
(Even) 15 Kettlebell Swings

75lbs on bar, 28kg kettlebell.  Was probably the right weight on both given lack of upper body work lately.  Tired, but not destroyed, at end.

11.23.2013 – Crossfit

November 23, 2013

Russian squat cycle, week 4 day 3:  6×2 @ 175

Sweat:  did the 8am EZ strength.  Honestly don’t remember what we did.

11.22.2013 – Medical

November 22, 2013

Saw Sanders on 7.14.2013.  Said elbow was coming along, would continue to improve.


Not convinced, in part because I think I overworked it.  More research found this:  http://www.drjuliansaunders.com/resources/feature_articles/dodgy_elbows/

Lots of other articles seem to support the idea, and it can’t hurt.  So started eccentric curl routine on 11.18.2013.  3×10, two times/day, every other day.  Seems like it might be working…  we’ll see.

11.21.2013 – Crossfit

November 21, 2013

Russian squat cycle, week 5 day 2:  3×3 @210 – starting to get heavy

Partner WOD:
4 Rounds, for time
10 2 Kettlebell Thrusters
12 KB Push Ups
1 Suicide
1 person working at a time, alternating rounds

Sahr and I went together, teamed with Captain.  10kg bells to go easy on the elbows.  14 minutes and something.

11.19.2013 – Crossfit

November 19, 2013

Russian squat cycle, week 5 day 1:  6×2 @175

1 Lap, Sled Push (high/low)
5 Rounds:
6 Pull Ups
9 Bwt lunges / leg
12 Ball Slams
1 Lap, Sled Push (high/low)

Subbed burpees for pullups.  25 lb ball, 180 lbs on sled.  No sweat.

11.15.2013 – Squats

November 15, 2013

Russian squat cycle, week 4 day 3:  4×4 @195

Popped in and banged them out Friday afternoon due to gym shutdown on Fri and Sat.

11.14.2013 – Crossfit

November 14, 2013

Russian squat cycle, week 4 day 2:  5×5 @175

In teams of 3, complete the following:
150 Burpees
This workout has 3 stations. Athlete 1 will be performing Burpees, Athlete 2 will be Rowing 250 meters, Athlete 3 will be resting. When Athlete 2 finishes rowing, all athletes will rotate.

Worked with Captain and one other

11.12.2013 – Crossfit

November 12, 2013

Russian squat cycle, week 4 day 1:  5×5 @185

Bumped all weights up by 10 pounds after talking with Josh this weekend.

AMRAP 10 minutes:
5 SA KB Swings, Right
5 SA KB Swings, Left
5 SA KB Thruster, Right
5 SA KB Push Press, Left
10 Ring Rows

Substituted double unders for ring rows.  8 sets.

11.9.2013 – Crossfit

November 9, 2013

Russian squat cycle, week 3 day 3:  6×2 @165

Went to the 8am EZ strength class.  Lots of KB swings.