11.1.13 – Crossfit

November 1, 2013

Russian squat cycle, week 2 day 3:  6×5 @165

DB Thruster
Kettlebell Swings

A rare (a first) friday night trip to the gym as it’s closed on Saturday. Meant squatting on “short rest,” but they felt fine – I’m wondering if I didn’t set the base weight too low.  Better safe than given ankle, I guess.

Sweat was an absolute smoker, esp. after that volume of squats.  Did a barbell out of the rack to avoid cleaning on the elbow.  Started at 95lbs, dropped to 75 after completing the round of six.  28 kg kettlebell.  Took 17:55.

Elbow feels a little tender on today (the 2nd) but not really sore.  Will floss again tonight.


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