3.2.2014 – BJJ

March 2, 2014

BETA White belt tournament

Went 3-7 on the day, but am overall happy with how I performed. 

Weight class:  weighed in at 186 without doing anything.  Nice.

Match 1 – Ethan – pretty even match, went 9 minutes, got armbarred from mount.  Had a couple of good sweeps, defened a triangle for quite a while.  In hindsight, needed to step over to break triangle and take side control.  Bonus:  left elbow feels much better after armbar – I think he popped some adhesions.

Match 2 – Wolf – Pulled guard.  Failed flower sweep (Need to sit up and hold him close on the rollback).  Slapped on a triangle when he went to break my guard, rolled to top, finished when he tried to defend straight armbar from triangle.

Match 3 – Maurice – Got smoked.  Took me down with a throw, got into half guard, imposed better top pressure than I’ve ever felt. WOrked to mount, double underhooked me, and started crushing my chin with his chest.  Tapped when I felt my spine popping.  Unreal.

Maurice went on to take second, Ethan third.


Match 1 – little guy.  botched a hip toss and ended up with him on my back.  Grabbed arm, reversed position, got into side control, locked up kimura and was stepping over his head when he tapped. 

Match 2 – Another little guy.  He pulled guard.  Knee cut, straight to mount.  Locked up arm triangle choke.

Match 3 – Ryan – Spent a good 4 minutes trying to throw each other.  Got a good deep cross collar grip, pulled guard and tried to work choke.  Didn’t get it.  Should have opened guard and went to work, but let him break guard, swept, got stuck in a triangle attempt and armbared again.  Again, needed to step over.

Match 4 – for bronze in absolute.  Got thrown, swept, moved to side control, put in keylock which he bridged out of.  Took his back, lost grip, he reversed.  I pretty much gassed at that point, he eventually ended up in side control and locked in a guillotine.  Should have won that match, but got sloppy when I was on top.

Sharon and the girls came to watch – was a very cool time.



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