4.5.2014 – Crossfit

April 5, 2014

LII Strength:
1/2 Get Ups
10-20 reps (total)

Right side was fine, left side was a complete disaster.  Left trap still sore, could barely press a 24kg bell.  Flopped around like a dead fish, mostly.  Embarassing.

LII Conditioning:
4 Rounds:
12 Double Kettlebell Swings
Double Kettlebell Rack Carry (maaco + back)
*Rest 2 mins between Rounds


16kg bells.  Light for swings, about right for rack carry.

Did Wendler press at the end, which wasn’t super effective.

Was supposed to be: 3@80 3@95 3+@105

Ended up being 3 sets of 2 plus a push press at 80.

Will see how the 5 3 1 week goes for press, and adjust 1RM for the next cycle accordingly.


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