4.12.14 – Crossfit

April 13, 2014


Wendler Press

cycle 1, week 3 (5 @ 75%/3 @ 85%/1+ @ 95%)

5@75, 3@85, 1@95

Reset 1RM from 130 to 110 after bonking on the first set of 5 at 130.  Don’t really understand what’s going on with the OHP – that’s a drop-off from where I was less than six months ago.

Also did two sets of OHS.  5@75lbs.  Much harder without the weightlifting shoes.  You know you fucked up when your set ends with your teeth clacking together and a tuft of your hair on the center of the bar.  Glancing blow, but didn’t feel good.

LII Conditioning:
AMRAP 12 minutes:
6 SA KB Thrusters, Left
12 SA KB Swings, Left
6 SA KB Thrusters, Right
12 SA KB Swings, Right
Run 300 meters


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