4.17.2014 – BJJ

April 19, 2014

Two takedowns from coach Tim –

1.  Knee tap.  Lapel grip with right hand, left hand on uke’s sleeve, elbow, or wrist.  Head to left side of their head if possible.  Pull down, big step back with left leg, rotating counterclockwise – this gets their right leg forward.  Grab tendon/pants with left hand, punch accross with right hand while pulling their leg back.  If you do it just right, end up with knee on belly with left hand still holding pants.


2.  He called it a modified firemans throw, looks like a modified grip drop seoi nage.  Same side lapel grip with left hand, just under armpit – inside their arm.  Pop their elbow down so hand remains inside, bicep on outside.  Rotate to left, right knee to mat, follow in with left knee, then just fall over to left side.  Work to kesa gatame or side control.


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