4.22.2014 – BJJ

April 22, 2014

Back step pass from half guard.

Use when they win the undertook battle. Drive elbow of arm that they got the under hook on down to the mat, preferably inside their bottom armpit. Keep weight down, swing free leg in high arc back to post. Move to mount or free leg.


Basic: grab uke’s collar with top hand. Post up on bottom elbow, force them forward with your collar grip and work out of inevitable scramble.

Advanced: Grab uke’s collar with bottom hand. Pull them back onto you, so your hips are flat, aligned with spine/torso. Fish free/top hand under their arm, get grip on pants by knee. Unhook top leg, swing under their trapped ankle, then lift top leg while bridging with bottom leg, grips, over bottom shoulder. Move to back.


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