5.31.2014 – Crossfit

May 31, 2014

Fight Gone Bad (3 Rounds for reps)

Three rounds of:
Wall-ball Shots (Reps in one minute), 20#
Sumo deadlift high-pull (Reps in one minute), 75#
Box Jumps, 20″ (Reps in one minute)
Push-press (Reps in one minute), 75#
Row (Calories in one minute)
1-minute rest

1.  Got Jordan to the gym, and he’s signing up.  Guy’s a beast – he’ll be killing me in months, if not weeks.

2.  Am going to need to talk to Jara and Sean about getting a lift in, either before or after, the Saturday WOD.  I’m all for the big ticket WODs, but not at the expense of the strength training.

3.  Did a mini workout with Zoe and Izzy.  Both did rope climbs, and I then had Zoe do air squats, 20lb kb squats, wall balls with a basketball, and press (3×5) with a training bar.  Jara seemed interested in making a class out of it.  That would be fantastic.


5.29.2014 – BJJ

May 31, 2014

Belt/stripe test day.  Couple of interesting things:

1.  I got destroyed by Danny, as usual, and then in the last round a guy who got promoted to blue belt and is trying out for the fight team.  So in one sense, no shame.  In another, my guard sucks.  In retrospect, I don’t think I even once got my grips – I just flopped to my back, let him smash or toss my legs, and then survived for as long as possible.  Which is bullshit.  Maybe I’m wrong, but I think I can improve my guard by leaps and bounds just by focusing on (a) getting my grips, and (b) keeping my legs active.  So that’s my focus over the next quarter.

2.  Master Nak (maybe someday I’ll feel comfortable typing that – I need to think of it as a rank, not a value judgement) had us mix notional strikes into the last couple of rolls.  I thought I’d be excited for the opportunity, but it highlighted how I’ve been trained to think pure grappling.  I only thought to do it once (against Mark), and was totally surprised when he got into a position and dropped a few on me.  His overarching point was “think about this like you’re fighting, not like you’re playing a sport.”  Which has some real value, especially for those of us who simply aren’t going to be competitive sport grapplers.

5.29.2014 – Crossfit

May 31, 2014

Last class at CFSS

LII Strength:
Wendler Press:
Cycle 3, week 2 (3 @ 70% / 3 @ 80% / 3+ @ 90%)

3@75, 3@85, 7@95

LII Conditioning:
Row 500 meters
AMRAP 10 minutes
12 Plate OH lunges
12 KB Swings
6 Toes to Bar

Did 5+18

5.27.2014 – BJJ

May 27, 2014

First class in forever.

Worked gesa katame to crucifix.  Key points of performance:

  • Triangle legs to secure trapped arm if you can’t get the sub off the gesa
  • focus on maintaining head control first.  When transitioning, scoop head with near arm before using far arm to isolate their far arm

Two five minute rolls.  Started from the bottom in gesa katame.  First roll with Ross the powerlifter, rolled him right over, stayed on top for the full five.  Second roll with a kid I don’t know.  Submitted me with a kimura from full guard – need to figure out what the escape is there.  Reversed him after the restart. 


Felt great to be back on the mats.

5.27.2014 – Crossfit

May 27, 2014

LII Strength:
Wendler Squat:
Cycle 3, week 2 (3 @ 70% / 3 @ 80% / 3+ @ 90%)

3@165, 3@190, 6@215

LII Conditioning:
AMRAP 7 minutes:
3 Hang Power Cleans (115 / 73 lbs)
3 Push Press
5 Burpee Box Jumps


Still feeling the lingering effects of cold.

5.26.2014 – Crossfit

May 26, 2014

Inaugural WOD at Crossfit Inner Loop

Memorial Day Hero WOD – Small

Three rounds for time:

Row 1000m

50 burpee box jumps

Run 800m

Did it partner style with Coach Pablo from Silver Stars.  Did 28, 33, 26 burpees for my cycles.  No idea what the time was.


Had a follow-on kids WOD, which Zoe enjoyed and Isabel absolutely loved.  Great start for the new gym.


5.22.2014 – Crossfit

May 24, 2014

LII Strength:
Wendler Press:
Cycle 3, week 1 (5 @ 65% / 5 @ 75% / 5+ @ 85%) 

5@70, 5@80, 5@90, then 6@90 because I forgot the plus

LII Conditioning:
EMOM 12 minutes:
6 Burpees
6 DB Thrusters

2 rounds at 35, remaining at 30.  Missed four rounds.  Was coming down with sore throat and completely ran out of juice in the middle of the second round.

5.20.2014 – Crossfit

May 21, 2014

LII Strength:
Wendler Squats:
Cycle 3, week 1 (5 @ 65% / 5 @ 75% / 5+ @ 85%)

5@ 155, 5@180, 7@205

Still a bit tired from throwdown, so 7 at 205 was better than I expected.

LII Conditioning:
4 Rounds:
3 Weighted Pull Ups
Max Push Ups
1 Sled Push (uphill sprint)
Rest 2-3 minutes b/t rounds

Used vest for first three rounds of pullups.  100lbs on sled.  Think PU were 25, 13, 12, 10.  Need to work on pushups, get back to APFT standard.



1.  3 RM front squat

230 lbs.  Hit two reps at 240, but bonked on third about 2/3 of the way up.  Not totally unhappy with the result, given previous 1RM was 245.

Was in second at this point, as Kevin hit 275.  Without thinking about it.

2.  AMRAP 7 minutes:  3x Hang power clean, 3x push press, 5 box jumps.  Bar at 115#.

Seven rounds, plus 8 reps (i.e., 3 HPC, 3 PP, 2 box jumps).  Push press was definitely the work.  Watched Dave run through seven rounds, figured it was over.  Ended up hitting 7+8 (79 reps) to beat him by 1.  Very happy with that.

In first at this point.

3.  500m row, 30 OH lunge at 45#, 100m rack carry at 32kg.

4:54.  Dave did it in 4:24, which honestly makes me wonder if Josh read the clock wrong, because I killed the row and the lunges.  All good, though.  Someone ran the damn carry later – I wonder if I could have pulled that off.

In first at this point, I think.

4.  400m run, 21 swings at 28kg, 12 toes-to-bar, 300m run, 21 swings, 12 TTB, 200m run.

6:31.  Dave and I got pushed to round 3 for a head-to-head.  Nick C., in third at this point, did round 2, killed it, which motivated both Dave and me.  Dave had maybe a 10 second lead on the 400m, but I cut time during the swings and the TTB, and was maybe 5 second behind going into round 2.  He had to drop off the bar a couple of times during the second round (thank you, BJJ, for killer grip strength), and I exited the gym maybe 1 second ahead of him.  He pulled ahead on the run, beat me by four seconds.  Which means he ran me down, which sucks.  But I had not much else to give.

5.  Secret tie-breaker round.  Dave and I end up tied after four.  Sled pull (which I’ve never done before), 1 45 lb plate, from the Maaco sign to the arrow (about 75m).  I came out strong, faded a little towards the end – I think I got a little upright, and that gave the weight more purchase.  Ended up losing by about two feet, probably less.

Very happy with my performance, esp. during round 2, which I thought would be a work because of the overhead press work.  Dave and I were very evenly matched – I’m marginally stronger, he’s marginally faster, and the last two events cut in his favor.  Credit to him – if you can maintain sprints after than nonsense, more power to you.


Overall?  Great time.


I should add:  Kevin was my workout buddy for the open.  The thing that killed him was TTB – did maybe one.  Today?  Hit all 24.  Fierce shit.

5.15.2014 – Crossfit

May 15, 2014

LII Strength:

Wendler Press

Cycle 2, week 4 (deload): 5@ 40%, 50%, 60%

5@ 45, 50, 60

LII Conditioning:
4 rounds:
10 DB Push Press
20 KB Swings
1 Sled Push
 rest 90 seconds b/t rounds

Went with 40# dumbells, 28kg bell, 90# on sled.  Sled just killed me.  One of those workouts where one round seems like more than enough.