5.18.2014 – Crossfit Throwdown

May 18, 2014



1.  3 RM front squat

230 lbs.  Hit two reps at 240, but bonked on third about 2/3 of the way up.  Not totally unhappy with the result, given previous 1RM was 245.

Was in second at this point, as Kevin hit 275.  Without thinking about it.

2.  AMRAP 7 minutes:  3x Hang power clean, 3x push press, 5 box jumps.  Bar at 115#.

Seven rounds, plus 8 reps (i.e., 3 HPC, 3 PP, 2 box jumps).  Push press was definitely the work.  Watched Dave run through seven rounds, figured it was over.  Ended up hitting 7+8 (79 reps) to beat him by 1.  Very happy with that.

In first at this point.

3.  500m row, 30 OH lunge at 45#, 100m rack carry at 32kg.

4:54.  Dave did it in 4:24, which honestly makes me wonder if Josh read the clock wrong, because I killed the row and the lunges.  All good, though.  Someone ran the damn carry later – I wonder if I could have pulled that off.

In first at this point, I think.

4.  400m run, 21 swings at 28kg, 12 toes-to-bar, 300m run, 21 swings, 12 TTB, 200m run.

6:31.  Dave and I got pushed to round 3 for a head-to-head.  Nick C., in third at this point, did round 2, killed it, which motivated both Dave and me.  Dave had maybe a 10 second lead on the 400m, but I cut time during the swings and the TTB, and was maybe 5 second behind going into round 2.  He had to drop off the bar a couple of times during the second round (thank you, BJJ, for killer grip strength), and I exited the gym maybe 1 second ahead of him.  He pulled ahead on the run, beat me by four seconds.  Which means he ran me down, which sucks.  But I had not much else to give.

5.  Secret tie-breaker round.  Dave and I end up tied after four.  Sled pull (which I’ve never done before), 1 45 lb plate, from the Maaco sign to the arrow (about 75m).  I came out strong, faded a little towards the end – I think I got a little upright, and that gave the weight more purchase.  Ended up losing by about two feet, probably less.

Very happy with my performance, esp. during round 2, which I thought would be a work because of the overhead press work.  Dave and I were very evenly matched – I’m marginally stronger, he’s marginally faster, and the last two events cut in his favor.  Credit to him – if you can maintain sprints after than nonsense, more power to you.


Overall?  Great time.


I should add:  Kevin was my workout buddy for the open.  The thing that killed him was TTB – did maybe one.  Today?  Hit all 24.  Fierce shit.


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