5.29.2014 – BJJ

May 31, 2014

Belt/stripe test day.  Couple of interesting things:

1.  I got destroyed by Danny, as usual, and then in the last round a guy who got promoted to blue belt and is trying out for the fight team.  So in one sense, no shame.  In another, my guard sucks.  In retrospect, I don’t think I even once got my grips – I just flopped to my back, let him smash or toss my legs, and then survived for as long as possible.  Which is bullshit.  Maybe I’m wrong, but I think I can improve my guard by leaps and bounds just by focusing on (a) getting my grips, and (b) keeping my legs active.  So that’s my focus over the next quarter.

2.  Master Nak (maybe someday I’ll feel comfortable typing that – I need to think of it as a rank, not a value judgement) had us mix notional strikes into the last couple of rolls.  I thought I’d be excited for the opportunity, but it highlighted how I’ve been trained to think pure grappling.  I only thought to do it once (against Mark), and was totally surprised when he got into a position and dropped a few on me.  His overarching point was “think about this like you’re fighting, not like you’re playing a sport.”  Which has some real value, especially for those of us who simply aren’t going to be competitive sport grapplers.


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